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Involved in the travel industry for over 30-years and a freelance writer for nearly 20-years, Mark Rowlee is also a hot air balloon enthusiast and pilot. His writing combines ballooning experiences with travels to unique destinations. He has traveled extensively in France with and without his balloon. Reach him at...
Mark Rowlee

The Sky Blooms With Color at Mark Rowlee
As over 500-hot air balloons lift off into the skys near Metz the area comes alive with people and activities. For 9-days each Summer you can actually be a part of the fun and excitement. Follow Mark Rowlee and crew as they fly and discover this wonderful part of Lorraine. Read more here.

A Different Taste of France: Discovering Pineau des Mark Rowlee
The area of France around Cognac offers many opportunities for discovery. As would be expected, the degustation of cognac is available as easily as wine tastings around Bordeaux. But there's more than cognac in those barrels. It's Pineau des Charentes...a sweet aperitif with a flavor you must experience to understand. You'll need a car, though, to do this because none of the tours offer you this unique opportunity. Read more here.

A Discovery in the Massif Central of France....
Mark Rowlee chases hot air balloons around volcanic cones, discovers new foods and wines and learns more about lace and the people that make up this wonderful corner of France. Easily accessed by car from Lyon and other major cities. Read more here.

The Loire Less Visited....
Sleeping Beauty's Castle, a formal garden made of vegetables and draw bridges over moats can all be visited when you discover the less-visited castles of France's Loire Valley. In this valley of Renaissance-era royalty travel writer Mark Rowlee discovers this and so much more. But you won't be able to see it and stay at little-known hotels on the normal'll need a car! Come along with us here or do it on your next trip. Read more here!

If You Build A Tour They Will Come
Rick Steves is a well-known and successful travel writer, teacher and guru when it comes to travel in Europe. A recent weekend of travel seminars helped to make clear why Rick Steves has become so successful. From 200 tours a year to Europe, free travel seminars, public broadcasting fund drive/marathons and more Steves has his finger on the pulse of his travel public. Read more here!



Rick Steves



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